St Thomas' C of E Primary School

"Jesus at the heart of a learning community where every child and adult feels valued, and where every person is committed to achieving shared and personal goals.”

The School Day

8.45 am School starts. Children must be in school by 8.45 am for electronic registration

Children arriving after 8.50 am must report to the School Office

9.10am - 9.30 am Daily Assembly

10.15am Snack Time

10.30am - 10.45 am Morning Playtime

11.50am - 1.00pm - Lunchtime - Reception/Year 1

12.00pm - 1.00pm Lunchtime - year 2

12.15pm - 1.15pm Lunchtime - 3/4/5/6

2.15pm - 2.30 pm Afternoon Playtime

3.15 pm End of School

Please note that the school is not responsible for children who are left on the premises before 8.30 am.

Please make every effort to collect your child on time at the end of the day, because lateness causes the child to be upset and the teachers inconvenience.

Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are not allowed to walk home on their own. Children in Key Stage 2 may walk home after a letter of consent has been received from parents.

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