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Teachers and support staff are not allowed to administer medicines unless a child would miss school regularly and then the teacher must be given full written instructions by the parent (the necessary forms are available from the Headteacher). If a child is just finishing a course of medication, a parent must come and administer the dose at school or adjust the times at home. Children are not allowed to self medicate.

The best place for a sick child is at home, they must not be sent to school. Many children tell parents they want to come to school when they are clearly unwell. This is not fair on the child, the other children in the class and the staff. The Department of Health and Social Care provides guidance information on the exclusion periods for most common infectious diseases a copy of this may be accessed below:

Guidance on infection control in nurseries, schools, workplaces and day centres


Parents of children with asthma will be asked to complete a School Asthma Card. The School Health Service have advised that children should really have two inhalers at school, one to be kept in school and one for use on the journey to and from school. They also state that inhalers should always be taken on school trips and with the child to games and swimming lessons/events. Failure to take an inhaler to a games lesson outside school (pupils go to the NSC for some games lessons from Year 2) may result in your child not being able to take part in the lesson on that occasion, in order to avoid an asthma attack.

For children in Reception to Year 2 (inclusive) an adult will make sure that the child has their inhaler, but in Years 3 to 6 it is the child’s responsibility to make sure that they take their inhaler on every trip out of school.

Inhalers should be handed in to the school office in the first instance in order for the details to be recorded. They should also have attached to them the pharmacy dispensing label stating the child’s name.

Please note it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that emergency medication is available in school at all times.

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