St Thomas' C of E Primary School

"Jesus at the heart of a learning community where every child and adult feels valued, and where every person is committed to achieving shared and personal goals.”

We are the only Church of England School on the Island and promote Christian values.
During the year 2018/19 we are looking at the values of - Friendship
We have assemblies in St Thomas CE Church every half term and worship each day in school. The children are encouraged to share prayers and be reflective in their daily life around school.
We have a reflective area where children can can enjoy some quiet time reflecting and praying. The Christian ethos of the school is apparent in everything we do and we try to encourage the children to live by Christian values and display them in their day to day interactions around school and the campus.

A Good Church School will offer the pupils the opportunity .......

o reflect on the importance of a system of personal belief.
o recognise the place a Christian faith has in the lives of people.
o develop a sense of wonder, awe,curiosity and mystery.
o understand the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of their actions for themselves and others.
o be creative, questioning and imaginative within a broad Christian framework that recognises the importance of experience, personal values and respect for the beliefs of others.
o recognise, respect and celebrate cultural diversity